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Hello from Shiny

Post by Shiny » Tue Jul 13, 2021 8:28 pm

Thanks for opening the doors and setting this forum up. A long time back I had an AE86 and more recently a BRZ. Both cracking cars, not too fast that when cracking on a bit you'd be risking your licence and yet still loads of fun. Sadly my growing family forced a move to a Leon Cupra Estate. Bit of a boring old barge, but it's got plenty of performance to cover ground comfortably and quickly. But it's a long way from something that encourages you take it by the scruff of the neck and enjoy the drive.

A Cayman GTS is there in my history, but I found it downright boring - so stunningly competent and quick that you couldn't come close to "cracking on" on the road. 2nd was good for eighty something mph, so you couldn't even get near max revs in anything other than 1st without breaking the speed limit.

I'm hoping the GR86 is back in the realms of thrashable-fun like its predecessos rather than not being able to get anywhere near its capabilities on the road, like the Porsche and most other sports and performance cars.

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Other cars then AE86, other cars, BRZ, other cars, GR86 maybe?

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